Discover our new limited edition spring scent!

néroli bergamote

If you follow us on Instagram, you've discovered it: our brand new scent for body care is finally out!

This scent is Neroli and Bergamot . And there's no other way to sum it up: it's the personification of spring in beautiful glass bottles.

If you haven't had the chance to order it yet, we'll explain everything to you: discover the olfactory description of the new limited edition scent, Neroli and Bergamot!

Neroli and Bergamot, a spring scent with floral and citrus aromas

As always at Green Spa, when creating our new limited edition scent, we turned to nature. It is our inexhaustible source of inspiration , the one that always makes us want to go further and see bigger.

And at this lovely start to spring, needless to say that the honor of nature goes to flowers and fruits!

This is why Néroli et Bergamot is a clever blend of citrus fruits and flowers, for a round and delicious result that is never heady.

It's simple, when you breathe in one of the Neroli and Bergamot products, you start with a citrus note. Lemon , yuzu and neroli waltz with bergamot, to give a very pleasant lemony side. As if you were walking in the middle of a flowering field at the beginning of summer.

Then come pink pepper and white musk , followed closely by thyme and rosemary . The whole thing is complex, deep and incredibly spring-like. It's a multi-layered scent, which you rediscover with each inhale.

Impossible to get tired of it, even when massaging all day long!

Body care in resale format in beautiful colorful cases

As always, Green Spa's new natural range is available in our 4 main body treatments: the velvet texture massage oil , the sugar scrub , the body butter and the eau de parfum.

And you will observe another new feature in this limited edition (in the beautiful photos of the range ): the cases supplied with the products in resale format.

Yes: to perfect your display and allow you to offer beautiful gifts to your customers, the Neroli and Bergamot scent offers you splendid boxes!

These flower and eco-responsible cases have a very elegant slender design, designed to keep products in resale format safe.

For Mother's Day gifts, to have a beautiful display and to boost sales in institutes, boxes are essential. You will love !

Neroli and Bergamot body treatments available to suit all desires

Neroli and Bergamot body treatments are obviously available in their resale version, in 100 mL or 180 mL formats depending on the products concerned.

But they are also available in cabin format ! The large format with a beautiful label, to use body products without limits and to match the decoration of your treatment rooms.

In cabin format or resale format: you are spoiled for choice when trying the new Green Spa Neroli and Bergamot scent.

A limited edition scent for the European Massage Championship

Neroli and Bergamot, as always with the new seasonal ranges , it is a limited edition scent. Scheduled for spring, you have to take advantage of it while it’s available!

But as you can imagine: the new scent is not just made to celebrate spring. It is also made in honor of the famous European Massage Championship , which will take place from May 24 to 26 in Rome . And which the Green Spa teams will attend!

The new Neroli and Bergamot olfactory shade is therefore designed to represent spring, but also the warm romanticism of Rome , la dolce vita and fields of lemons and tangerines.

Discover it in preview, or in Rome during the European Championship !