Our logistics partner is evolving: a new warehouse for optimal conservation of Green Spa products

Notre partenaire logistique évolue : un nouvel entrepôt pour une conservation optimale des produits Green Spa

At Green Spa, our commitment to ecology and well-being is not limited to the creation of natural and organic cosmetics.

This extends to every stage of our value chain, including logistics , an essential link to ensure the quality of our products and minimize our environmental impact.

We are delighted to share a significant development: our logistics partner is moving to a new, even more ecological warehouse, designed for better conservation of our products and a significant reduction in energy consumption.

We explain everything to you on the issue!

An innovative warehouse for better product conservation

Our ecological logistician , Greenlog, chose to move to a greener warehouse for many reasons. And this choice will have many positive consequences on the planet , but also on the perfect conservation of our care.

High-performance insulation for better temperature control

Our logistician's new warehouse is a model of innovation in insulation and climate control.

Thanks to the latest generation of insulating materials and an optimized architectural design, it maintains a constant temperature , crucial for preserving the integrity and effectiveness of our natural cosmetic products.

Even greener energy

Using renewable energy to power the warehouse is a pillar of its eco-friendly design.

Solar panels, rainwater harvesting and geothermal heating systems drastically reduce its dependence on fossil fuels , in harmony with our values ​​of sustainability and respect for the environment.

The advantages of an ecological logistics partner

If Green Spa has decided to entrust its logistics management to Greenlog , it is not for nothing. Discover all the advantages of a green logistician you can trust.

A reduced carbon footprint for Green Spa

An ecological logistician adopts practices that significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the supply chain .

This includes the use of electric or hybrid vehicles for transportation, route optimization to reduce distances traveled, and effective delivery planning to minimize empty trips.

Eco-responsible packaging

The commitment to ecology is also reflected in the choice of packaging . Our partner uses recyclable, biodegradable or sustainably sourced materials , thereby helping to reduce waste and the environmental impact linked to the consumption of plastic and other polluting materials.

Valorization of local resources

By favoring local suppliers and resources, the ecological logistician promotes the local economy and reduces transport distances, which considerably reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with our supply chain.

Green Spa and Greenlog, a commitment to sustainable development

At Green Spa, we have been working with Greenlog since our creation. A collaboration that has borne fruit from an ecological point of view!

Ecological certifications and standards

Our logistics partner is certified according to several ecological standards, ensuring that its operations meet strict sustainability criteria.

This includes waste management, energy consumption , and the impact on local biodiversity, ensuring that our partnership actively supports sustainable development.

A better contribution to ecological awareness

Through this collaboration, we not only contribute to reducing our environmental impact, but also participate in raising awareness among our customers and partners of the importance of adopting greener practices in all aspects of daily and professional life.

Greenlog, towards even greener beauty

The move of our logistics partner to a new eco-friendly warehouse is an important step in our mission to provide natural and organic beauty products while respecting the environment.

This illustrates our commitment not only to the quality and effectiveness of our products, but also to a healthier planet for future generations.
This is why, by choosing Green Spa, our customers support a vision where beauty, well-being and ecology go hand in hand, thus contributing to a greener future for all.