Choosing your organic cosmetics wholesaler: 4 crucial criteria

Choosing your organic cosmetics wholesaler: 4 crucial criteria

It's a fact: the image of your biological institute is largely based on the products you provide.

To ensure the sustainability and well-being of your business, it is essential that your products are popular. Then comes the million-dollar question: how to choose your organic cosmetics supplier as an ecological spa?

Between word of mouth, ethical values ​​and responsiveness of customer service , here is a short guide to help you choose the perfect cosmetics supplier for you. Studying these criteria will guide you towards the right choice!

Choosing your wholesaler
natural cosmetics

As an institute, the quality of your care is based on numerous criteria. Starting with the setting of your organic spa and the know-how of your beauticians . But today, being an organic institute also means confronting the demands of customers .

Massage oils , facial treatments, moisturizing body butters, floral waters ... All your organic cosmetics are likely to be the subject of questions, sometimes very technical. Where does this product come from? What is the composition ? Are the components all of natural origin?

And to find the right answers to all these questions, there is only one solution: choose the right organic cosmetics wholesaler .

The reason is simple. When you commit to working with a cosmetics brand , you link the image of your institute to theirs. This means that the slightest problem with your main wholesaler can affect the reputation of your institute.

But how can you make sure you make the right choice? Organic beauty products look good, but what about the supplier itself?

Together, let's discover some clues that can help you know the priorities of your future wholesaler.

1 | Certifications of suppliers of natural cosmetic products

When choosing your official supplier , organic cosmetic certifications and labels are the first thing you can take into consideration.

What are the different labels and certifications?

In the world of institutes and spas , it is important to be able to compare suppliers with each other. But how can we compare a manufacturer of facial creams with a wholesaler of massage oils made from plant ingredients?

Comparing the incomparable: impossible. And that’s exactly what certifications and labels are for. They are awarded to cosmetics suppliers and manufacturers , according to very precise and objective rating scales.

These are completely independent organizations, which are responsible for determining the grading criteria as well as the distribution of grades. There are a plethora of different labels and certifications, which concern various fields.

Whether it is the ecological side of the products, the respect for the environment during their manufacture, the absence of testing on animals , the vegan compositions ... Independent organizations closely study the composition of natural cosmetics , and draw the conclusions which 'impose.

By studying a supplier's labels and certifications , you already get a good idea of ​​their ethical commitments . And above all, to know if he respects them or not.

What organic label to look for in a
supplier of organic cosmetics?

In reality, there aren't really any certifications that are better than others. There are a whole range of labels, and each has its own advantages and specific implications .

While there is no right answer to the question of which labels are best, there is a best label FOR YOU. As we have seen previously: the products you use reflect the image of your institute.

If you want to have a more organic corporate identity , it is important that your supplier includes the notion “ AB ”, for organic farming.

If your institute is oriented towards respecting ecological standards in general, Ecocert certification is essential.

Each label, each certification has different implications. Find out which ones are most important to you!

The practical tip:

As the organizations that provide the certifications are independent, you can rely on their rating scale without doubt. The criteria are objective and duly respected, to guarantee an accurate comparative rating. 100% reliability!

2 | Company values

Generally speaking, a supplier's values ​​are visible everywhere, especially on its site and social networks. If only by a company's graphic charter, you can deduce what its intentions, priorities and concerns are.

So don’t hesitate to study the supplier’s website more closely. Notice the first impression it gives you. If it is pleasant, that is already a good sign. On the contrary, if you get an unpleasant feeling from it, this may not be the cosmetics supplier you are looking for.

Some organic and natural cosmetics brands also have a social media page. A real window open to their values, take the opportunity to dissect everything that is made accessible to you!

By analyzing what he posts on Instagram and Facebook, the stories he shares and the ways he is cited by his customers, you have everything you need.

What values ​​should you look for in a natural cosmetology brand?

Just like certifications, there is no right answer when it comes to values. It all depends on the image of your institute , and your priorities!

Because as a spa , you are too close to your customers to offer them natural products that you don't believe in. However, if your organic brand conveys values ​​that are not yours, it is difficult to assure your clients that their massage will do them the greatest good!

If the animal cause is important to you, look for certified vegan cosmetic products.

If respect for the planet is essential to you, study the composition of the products, the natural ingredients and the production methods used.

The well-being of your customers is at the center of your interest: this must also be the case for your organic cosmetics brand.

The practical tip:

A supplier who has nothing to hide is a particularly comprehensive supplier! If you're having trouble finding information about a wholesaler , that's not always a good sign.

3 | The customer relationship

In addition to the quality of the products and the brand image of your professional cosmetics wholesaler , customer relations should not be taken lightly. Your role is to take care of the well-being of your customers. And whose responsibility is your well-being?

The answer is simple: from your supplier! And in recent years, cosmetic manufacturers have tended to forget this. Between overly expensive, poor quality products, long order and delivery times and a lack of responsiveness, institutes are not always treated well.

Find a supplier with good customer relations

Before you commit to working with this or that supplier, you can ask the right questions. What about his vision of institutes ? Do beauticians play an important role in its business strategy ? Or are they just names on an order list?

Most of the time, contracts between institutes and suppliers commit you in the medium term. Before signing, ask yourself: who do you really have in front of you?

A good customer relationship facilitates exchanges, promotions and your purchasing power as an institute.

Bad customer relations are like trying to work with a wall. No matter how hard you try, you will never get flexibility in return.

To obtain all the answers to your questions, different possibilities are available to you.

How to analyze a supplier's customer relationship?

You can obtain information from other client institutes of the supplier, to have reliable information at the source.

Or you can directly ask the distributor of ecological and organic cosmetics about their way of managing their customer relations.

If he starts stuttering and talking to you about numbers, you can run away now.

A reliable supplier is a supplier who knows his customer relationship management. He knows that he can be reached on such slots, at such and such a number or via such and such an email address.

He also knows his response times , and attaches essential value to your opinion and your feedback.

If you can't get all this information through a very simple conversation, this is not the organic cosmetics supplier for you. Institutes work above all with people: a respectful supplier must have the same vision of things.

4 | The notoriety of the organic cosmetics wholesaler

The last way to know if a supplier of organic cosmetic products is worth the detour, or if avoiding is better: notoriety .

What does the notoriety of an organic cosmetics distributor imply?

Notoriety concerns the notion of reputation . It is simply the image that the supplier gives.

As an individual, knowing the reputation of a company is simple. Just go to Google , read the reviews and that's it.

But as a professional , the situation is a little different. You have to find out for yourself, for example by asking other institutes that collaborate with the supplier you are targeting.

What better way to learn about the working method of organic brands than by asking other institutes for their opinions?

How to find out the reputation of a supplier?

Suppliers who have nothing to hide do not hesitate to place a “ Customer reviews ” section on their site. This way, you can find out very simply about the reputation enjoyed by the supplier in the organic cosmetic product sector.

However, when suppliers deal with BtoB , they sometimes do not have a customer reviews section. In this case, you can inquire with the platforms they work with.

Or simply ask the institutes that already work with the distributor! You are aware that in the world of organic cosmetics , certain suppliers should be avoided at all costs.

If this is the case, listen to the opinions of other spas and institutes. The best way to find out is to ask around!

Rely on the analysis of other institutes , and find out exhaustively to have all the cards in hand.

The practical tip:

Sometimes it is important to form your own opinion. So don’t hesitate to ask to meet the supplier , or to speak with them on the phone. This is the best way to form your opinion, while taking into account that of your colleagues!

Make the right choice for your organic cosmetics supplier

For the well-being of your institute and your customers, choosing the right organic cosmetics wholesaler is essential. But how can you make sure you make the right choice?

Certain criteria are essential, do not neglect them! Take into consideration:

  • Supplier certifications
  • Her values
  • His sense of customer relations
  • His notoriety

By asking those around you for opinions and organizing a meeting with your future organic cosmetics supplier, you give yourself every chance to make the right choice.

And don't forget: a good supplier is a human, responsive supplier who respects its values!

So when selecting your organic cosmetics supplier for an eco-friendly spa, also find out about the cosmetics they offer. Especially on :