Choosing your organic cosmetic beauty salon products

The right organic cosmetic products for beauty salons

When we go to an institute or spa, it is to receive treatments. We want someone to take care of us, to not think about anything for an hour or two... Whether it's massages , scrubs or the application of cosmetics that are particularly good for the skin, it's a timeless moment. But beyond the idyllically relaxed context of the institutes and the know-how of the beauticians, another pillar lays the foundations of a good time in the spa: the products used. And therefore, indirectly, the supplier of organic cosmetics for ecological institute with which the institute works. Concretely, nothing matters more for the well-being of your clients than the quality of your care. Today and for many years now, it is essential to offer a range of organic products or products inspired by natural cosmetics. But as an institute: how to choose the right organic cosmetics for the care of your clients?

The impact of cosmetic products organic for your beauty salon

The choice of organic cosmetic products in a beauty salon is part of a whole. And it is this that creates your brand image as well as the notoriety of your spa. Without good products, no positive feedback. And without positive feedback, there is no effective word of mouth for your business. Beyond hiring beauticians who are gifted with their hands, your duty is also to provide them with quality products. A very simple example: during a massage , the scent of the oil applied to the skin remains for many hours. If your massage oils have too strong a scent, it risks giving your clients a migraine. And no matter the quality of the massage that was provided, you can be sure of one thing: a client who leaves with a migraine is a client who will not return. Likewise, some organic beauty products contain many allergens. When choosing your skincare cosmetics , it is important to take into consideration the different allergic reactions. Ending treatment in hospital is never a good sign! But then, how to choose the right organic cosmetics for your institute? Between cosmetics for the body and cosmetics for the face , the criteria differ.

Organic cosmetics for the body

Organic cosmetics for the body are a very important range for your institute. In fact, most treatments carried out in spas are intended for the body. It can be scrubs , massages or invigorating natural treatments: it all depends on the clients’ choice! In any case, each treatment has its own organic cosmetic for the body . Here is a short guide to selecting the best body products.

Cosmetics for every treatment

As stated above, there are a plethora of body treatments . And despite the expertise necessary for each category of care, natural products also hold an essential place in the well-being of your clients . When you take the time to choose your organic cosmetics supplier, it is important to study their catalog carefully. Indeed, each organic cosmetic product has its own uses and characteristics. For a body scrub , for example, you will need a cosmetic composed of large grains , in order to smooth the sometimes thick skin . During a massage , you should remember to select an oil that is pleasant to the touch, but which dries quickly. If your clients stain their clothes because of their massage oil, you risk facing certain complaints! For invigorating or moisturizing treatments, the quality of creams and butters is absolutely central. Rather soft, quite dynamic, smoothing or purifying: the choice of cosmetics depends greatly on the treatments you offer.

Cosmetics good for the skin

However, regardless of the nature of the organic care range that you offer to your customers, the cosmetics that you have in stock must not harm the skin. Of course, each skin type is unique. Some are sensitive and easily irritable, others require a concentrated product to benefit from the benefits of the treatment. Between allergy and sensitivity , make sure you make the right choices! Your organic cosmetics must be able to adapt to all skin types, for truly effective care. This is why it is advisable to select organic cosmetics. Thanks to their natural composition , they are less likely to attack sensitive skin. Fewer industrial products necessarily mean more satisfaction!

Environmentally friendly cosmetics

In addition to respect for the body, there is another central characteristic to take into account: respect for the planet. Everything obviously depends on the brand image of your institute, and your values ​​as a company. But overall, offering organic and ethical products is today a sine qua non condition for the sustainability of your institute or spa. Very important for your notoriety, having cosmetics designed with respect for the environment is a real asset with customers. Especially since it is always preferable, when reselling your cosmetics , to offer them treatments that they do not have access to in supermarkets. An excellent green solution, which gives you purchasing power back!

Cosmetics for all preferences

Finally, the last characteristic that your organic body cosmetics must meet: adaptability. We are not talking here about all the varieties of care that you offer within your institute. But rather preferences in terms of textures and scents of your cosmetic products. Indeed, while some clients will love the smell of sandalwood, others will not appreciate it. And the same goes for lemon , sweet almond oil or shea butter. As each scent cannot be to everyone's taste, be sure to vary the pleasures ! Without forgetting to choose a supplier who offers you a sufficiently extensive catalog of products that are subtle and intense without being overwhelming.

Organic cosmetic products for the face

Now that you have all the knowledge for body cosmetics, you also need to ask yourself the right questions for organic facial care ! Given that the skin is much thinner than on the whole body, choosing gentle and suitable cosmetics is essential.

Cosmetics for every skin care and type

Just like for the body, your facial cosmetics must be adapted to your care. Especially when we take into consideration the fact that in general, facial skin is more capricious than the rest of the body. So be sure to choose scrubs , moisturizers , massage oils and butters suitable for all treatments. By choosing variety, you increase your chances of providing satisfaction to your customers. In addition, all skin has its own characteristics. In addition to adapting the choice of your cosmetics to the treatments you offer, you must also take this into account. While some clients will be prone to redness and patches , others will need a dynamic exfoliation . Here again, between sensitivities and allergies , find the right options to satisfy all your customers!

Environmentally friendly cosmetics

Vegan , cruelty-free cosmetics, made from organic products , of natural origin… There are many cosmetology criteria to qualify environmentally friendly products. Whether in their method of production , distribution or in their composition, it is always preferable to have eco-responsible facial cosmetics . A real asset that you can promote to your customers, especially during resale . Without forgetting that a product designed with respect for the planet is a product that is more likely to be respectful of the skin. No untraceable industrial components , fewer additives... Only positive things for your customers' facial skin .

Cosmetics for all preferences

Finally, between texture , fragrance and touch , your organic and natural cosmetics are designed in all their subtlety . When they leave a massage or treatment session in your institute , your clients must be satisfied in the long term. If you choose a face cream that is too oily , your clients' T-zone may shine even after 3 rinses . Or even cause a small acne breakout, which they won't like. The same goes for the scent , which must be subtle, without being too sweet . Facial treatments involve going under and around the nostrils: too strong a smell inevitably gives rise to a headache, or even dizziness.

Choosing the right organic products for your institute

When choosing a supplier of organic cosmetic products for beauty salons , it is important to find out about the creams they offer. Body cosmetics and facial cosmetics each have their own particularities, but the logic remains the same. Take the time to check the composition of natural cosmetic products and test them, to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. The objective of choosing cosmetics for your institute is to be able to offer tailor-made treatments. Treatments for all skin types and preferences: these are the criteria we are looking for! Choosing the right wholesaler of organic products is not always easy. Find out about the essential points: