Supplier of organic cosmetic products: study your notoriety

Telltale clue: the notoriety of a supplier of organic cosmetic products

It is a fact: the choice of organic cosmetics wholesaler perfect can be complicated. It's one of those choices that we don't necessarily expect, and that we can make the mistake of taking lightly. An error that can have consequences!

In fact, you will have to work with your supplier . Call her, ask for details, find out the status of your order... This is the daily routine of a manager of an eco-friendly institute or spa .

So in concrete terms, if you don't get along with your organic beauty products wholesaler, daily life can quickly become difficult. Even more so if the latter doesn't even take the trouble to answer you!

To avoid getting to this point, Green Spa has put together a whole series of small articles which have one objective: to help you find the supplier of organic cosmetic products that really suits you.

And today, we focus on an essential criterion: notoriety! Here we go for the case study.

Take the time to study notoriety
from your supplier of organic cosmetic products!

But why study the reputation of a beauty product supplier? ” you ask us. The question needs to be asked!

Indeed, one could say that notoriety is not really revealing.

That you have to form your own opinion regarding the relationship with a supplier of organic cosmetic products .

And that’s not wrong!

Some companies have wrongly bad reputations. And you may have already witnessed bad faith from a customer or competitor. You know, the kind who takes down a company out of self-interest?

Obviously, these testimonies are not reliable. However, it is too risky not to take into account the reputation of a supplier before signing a collaboration contract.

For what ? Because notoriety doesn't come out of nowhere.

The reputation of organic cosmetics brands is based on facts, feelings and specific cases. And these are things to take into account if you don’t want to have unpleasant surprises after a few months of partnership…

In short, relying on reputation is great advice. But where can we find this notoriety ?

The professional press

With the ever-increasing importance of the Internet, there is a good chance that you follow the press concerning natural cosmetics .

News for organic cosmetic institutes

The world of aesthetics is full of professionals who have gathered their thoughts and opinions, and put together a little journal.

Or a simple website.

Or a whole gathering of institutes or spas .

And that's a great thing, since having hundreds of reviews gathered in one place allows you to make the right choices.

This is the case for selecting vegetable creams , organic and natural cosmetic butters and massage oils. But more generally, these gatherings are also very useful for the base of the base, the BA-BA. Namely: the choice of your organic cosmetic product supplier.

Choosing the right organic cosmetics wholesaler is essential. And all the institutes and spas in France are aware of this. Don't hesitate to ask for help!

There are indeed certain references in the world of natural cosmetics in the professional press. They are managers of institutes who run sites or magazines, or quite simply professionals interested in cosmetology , and who wish to create a movement.

And the advantage of this kind of movement is that you know that they bring together the majority of opinions.

Which press should you turn to?

For example, have you heard of the New Aesthetics ? This e-magazine lists numerous institutes , videos, organic skincare references, etc. And reviews of suppliers not to be missed!

Every year, Nouvelles Esthétiques organizes the International Aesthetics & Spa Congress. A real gathering, with videos, training and many important elements.

They are professionals , like you: you know you can trust their judgment.

Customer reviews

If you don't have time to wait until the next Aesthetics Congress, why not turn to your institute friends ? In a concrete and tangible way, no one is better placed to judge a supplier... Than the spas they supply!

Customer returns, even in BtoB?

To gain the notoriety of your future wholesaler of organic cosmetic products , what if you obtained your information at the source? Ask for their opinion from other institutes and spas who have worked with the supplier that is in your sights.

Of course, you do not necessarily have contact with all the institutes and spas that operate in France.

Nor even with institutes that have been clients of the wholesaler you have your eye on.

Don’t worry, there is a simple solution: customer reviews!

Because as a professional, you too are a client. You are a customer of your wholesaler, and the well-being of your customers depends largely on them.

You might say that obtaining customer feedback from professionals can be complicated. Unlike Amazon, there isn't really a marketplace for institutes looking for cosmetics... Is there?

Where to find customer reviews for an organic cosmetic brand?

Yes! There are BtoB platforms whose objective is to link a brand of cosmetic products with interested institutes.

Do you want examples ? No problem: Faire and Ankorstore are references in this area.

You can see reviews from previous customers , as well as the popularity of organic brands . Making an informed choice has never been easier!

Popularity with other institutes

Finally, the last way to know the reputation of a supplier is…* drumroll *

Popularity with other institutes!

But it’s exactly the same as customer reviews, right? ”No, actually not really. It’s a little happy medium between the first two sources of notoriety.

If you run an institute or spa, there is a good chance that you are part of a group. A group which brings together other institute managers in France. It could be a Facebook group, a WhatsApp group or a circle of friends.

These groups and conversations are very useful to guide you in your choice of the best professional organic cosmetic supplier . You have a privileged space to exchange your opinions, your feedback on a cosmetic product ... But also to establish a comparison with institutes that are similar to yours.

For example, if you run an ecological institute , comparing your opinion with that of a spa focused on reflexology is unnecessary. Whereas if you surround yourself with people who are at the same stage of development of their activity as you: BINGO! The answers are all found.

Are you looking for the group that can accommodate your doubts and daily problems as an institute?

We have found the best of the best in this area: it is the Bellyst network . Managed by a professional coach in the world of aesthetics , you will find all your answers without difficulty!

How to choose your supplier
organic cosmetic products according to its notoriety?

There you have it, 3 different ways to find out about the concrete reputation of a beauty product wholesaler. The first steps are taken during the information phase which precedes the research! Want more details? We've got you covered: click on the links in each paragraph to find out more. A little reading, essential for choosing the right supplier of organic cosmetic products! And to go even further, here is the information not to be missed: