Organic cosmetic label: everything you need to know to make the right choices

Everything you need to know about organic cosmetic certifications and labels

Choosing the right organic cosmetics wholesaler is above all about finding the right products . You have scoured the cosmetics market to choose your supplier: you find yourself with commercial catalogs that you no longer know what to do with them.

Do not panic ! Green Spa helps you choose the right organic cosmetic products.

Between butters , oils and scrubs , you don't know where to turn. Not forgetting the composition of the products, which you can't really decipher. What is bentizo… bentélyn… Finally the thing that ends with “ol”, there?

To make the right choices for your spa or organic institute , here is the first trick: look at the labels and certifications!

But there too, there are plenty of them. Some are colored, others not, they sometimes have the same name without having the same definition…

In the world of ecological and organic cosmetics , understanding labels and certifications is essential. Between environmental impact, animal welfare and respect for the planet : Green Spa gives you all the information to understand organic labels and certifications for natural cosmetic treatments .

The organic cosmetic label and certifications:
what is this ?

Instead of spending your afternoon trying to understand the not-at-all-natural compositions of so-called “ organic ” products, trust the labels and certifications!

But what if, you know, those little acronyms affixed to the label of each beauty product? They are often green, discreet but still visible.

They are not just there to look pretty: labels allow brands to affirm that their product meets requirements in terms of quality , origin or manufacturing process. And for that, each label has its own preferences! This is why there are so many and why we get lost: everyone protects their own values , and defends what they want.

Certifications, for their part, are regulated by law. They are issued by independent organizations, which verify that brands and products comply with the requirements imposed.

More simply: the labels are awarded by certifying bodies (to avoid being judge and jury, they entrust this task to external bodies). It is these certifying bodies which carry out audits on the quality and traceability of products, and decide whether this or that natural cosmetic deserves a label.

And in addition to the label , certification bodies sometimes create their own certifications. The latter follow the same logic, but often have even more specific requirements.

spa labels

How to recognize a
certified ecological product?

Recognizing a certified cosmetic is not necessarily very complicated. Cosmetic product certifications are affixed in a very visible manner, often on the edge of the label . However, the question becomes complicated when it comes to knowing what labels and certifications include. But we will come back to that.

Each certified product is required to present certification information on its packaging . Beyond the acronym, you will also find on the box or bottle:

  • The percentage of natural and organic origin
  • The certifier who carried out the inspection
  • The specifications on which he relied

If you have any doubts about the organic label or certification, or if the composition is not clear, you can definitely ask your organic cosmetics wholesaler. If he has your best interests at heart, he will give you all the answers you need!

Brand labels
organic and natural cosmetics

Now let's move on to labels. We have already seen the difference between certification and label in the world of cosmetics. The organic cosmetic label is used to affirm that a particular product is respectful of health, the environment, animals, the skin, etc.

It all depends on what the nature label means. Again, the labels each have their own criteria. There isn't really one eco-label better than another: it really depends on what you're looking for in your products.

For example, if your institute focuses on respecting and caring for animals, you might look for the Vegan and Cruelty Free label. It indicates that the cosmetic has not been tested on animals.

Cosmébio, Nature et Progrès, NaTrue, AB for products from organic farming … There are many labels that concern respect for the planet and the environment. Often, they praise organic brands that favor natural and plant-based ingredients.

The practical tip:

The advantage being that we now know that the labels are awarded by independent organizations : you can therefore be sure that the cosmetic on which they are affixed complies with the defined specifications.

And trusting the ecological cosmetic products that you offer in your institute is essential!

Essential organic certifications
natural cosmetics

Then come the certifications. As we have seen before, cosmetic certifications are awarded by the same independent organizations. But unlike labels, the rules to be respected are imposed by law.

To apply for cosmetic certification , it is the producing brand that must follow a whole process.

Thus, to obtain Ecocert certification, at Green Spa, we had to apply to the certifier before even offering our cosmetics for sale. The advantage being that we ensured that the composition and the creation process were done in compliance with the specifications.

Then, the Ecocert certifier ensured that our cosmetics met the categories concerned by the certification. Which is the case, since Ecocert is a certification that only applies to cosmetics.

Finally, it was necessary to carry out a whole battery of tests , studying the composition and the creation process of Green Spa products. It was only at the end of these tests and verifications that we were able to obtain Ecocert certification.

The advantage of certifications is that very often they are valid for 1 year. Which means that the request must be made regularly, and leave room for an equally regular check. The quality of certified products is therefore assured!

The organic cosmetic label for
choose your beauty products wisely

In the world of cosmetics , it is important to know everything that goes into the products. Whether at the stage of composition , creation or production , labels and certifications are a great help! Especially for spas and institutes that take ecology to heart. Today, choosing the right cosmetics also means finding out exhaustively about what we offer for sale or in the cabin. And to do this, organic cosmetic labels and certifications are reliable. Distributed by independent organizations, they ensure the quality of the products , from a health and ethical point of view. A must-have check for any spa or institute! But in the world of cosmetology , it's not just the ethics of a supplier that matters. Discover all the other avenues to explore to choose the right cosmetics wholesaler:
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